Friday, January 23, 2009


After nine months and an interesting experiment in delayed gratification (a totally foreign concept to me,) my new bike made it to the StG on Thursday afternoon. I built it up and was able to enjoy the 60+ degree weather for about an hour before dark.
Here she is in all her glory.

It came out perfectly. I could not be happier with the final product. Fit and finish are superb, and the geometry is spot on.
I even like the color, I was a little nervous how it would come having picked the color off of web page. It's called Black Olive with a pearlescent clearcoat so when you get it out in the sun it has blue, green and even purple specs. Awesome.

This bike is a single speed so no shifting or looking for an easier gear when it gets steep. You can get off and walk or you can stand up and hammer. I read a quote somewhere that "gears make cowards of us all." If you have an easier gear the temptation is there to use it and if your a wuss, you do. I have removed all temptation and opted to just man up.

This last photo caught the last sun looking back towards St. George. I will say that while I do enjoy riding with other people sometimes riding alone is even better.

The best part about riding a single speed besides the simplicity, the silence and the hard work is knowing that in no matter how a ride goes, if you get beat up a hill or if you are the first one to the top you can always say the same thing. "I'm on a single speed." That is straight scoreboard and there is nothing they can say.


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i love your tribute to your new bike. i almost feel like i'm intruding on an intimate moment.