Thursday, January 22, 2009


I don't like scary movies. My wife and I were remembering just last night that the last really scary movie we saw was "The Ring." That was back in '02 and I still regret seeing it.

I do however enjoy "killing" the undead, if that's the word for it, whenever possible through various video games. The very best game for all ages would be the De-Animator by Bum Lee. You all need to head over there and De-Animate some zombies right now. Don't worry, it's not bloody or anything, all the flesh eaters are shown in silhouette and it's very uncomplicated. Fun the whole family can enjoy. Here's a couple of tips, there are three types of zombies, shooting them in different locations will expose their weaknesses. Use the shift key to switch to the shotgun but remember the shotgun reloads really slow. All the zombies die with just one shot when they are emerging from the underworld.

My high score is 138, top that and brag about it right here. Good luck and good hunting.

Edit: 182 at 7:48 this morning. That is the new record.

PS I am not responsible for all the things you will neglect because of this game i.e. work, laundry, children, eating, church stuff, philanthropic pursuits or your social calender.

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